1.I shall not desert him __________ all the world
2.He turned __________ to be a cheat
3.He hankers ______ money
4.A bird often----------eggs and hatch the chicks.
5.At the climax of the film ,there was a------between the hero and the villain.
6.I am not a convict,-------------?
7.India is not-------European Country.
8.One among the starts---------with a red colour.
9.Pick out the correct spelling:
10.The plural of rhinoceros is:
11.The car----------at the gate of the house.
12.Arrange into proper sentence:
an old man,saw,I,crossing the road
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I saw an old man,crossing the road
13.When I left the house,I---all the rooms.
14.------furniture arrived for you this morning.
15.Mr.Gupta accompanied by his two sons--------going on a tour abroad.
16.In a democracy every one--------obey the laws of the country.
17.The symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F belongs to
1) Decimal system
2) Octal system
3) Hexadecimal system
4) None of the above
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3) Hexadecimal system
18.Of cold arctic inured are inhabitants the to
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The inhabitants of the arctic are inured to cold.
19.Is he every side with beset on trouble
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He is beset with trouble on everyside.
20.Ways you enjoin I your change to
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I enjoin you to change your ways
21.Good Vitamins are for health
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Vitamins are good for health
22.Greatest China the has population
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China has the greatest population
23.Equal square has a four sides all
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A square has all four sides equal.
24.The steady and race wins slow
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slow and steady wins the race.
25.Conviction has of he courage the
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He has the courage of conviction
26.Fit feel you if only office the to come
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Come to the office, only if you feel fit.
27.Always to young men cherished ambitious goal their work hard achieve
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Ambitious youngmen always work hard to achieve their cherished goal.
28.Crime is aim low but failure not is
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Crime is low aim but failure is not.
29.Morning walk is go to healthy out for a
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To go out for a morning walk is healthy
30.Rearrange the following jumbled words to form sensible sentences.
Is wealth health
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Health is Wealth.
31.The sickman said, "Shut the door".
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The sickman implored them to shut the door.
32.She said, "What a fine smell this flower has!".
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She exclaimed that the flower had a very fine smell.
33.He said, "Had I done so, I would not have suffered".
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He regretted that if he had done so, he would not have suffered.
34.He prayed, "May God pardon his sins".
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He prayed that God might forgive his sins.
35.He said to me, "Good morning, How are you?"
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He wished me good morning and enquired how I was.
36.The teacher said to the students, "Good luck! I wish you all the best in life".
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The teacher wished the students good luck and also wished them all the best in life. (good luck and all the best).
37.He said, "Alas! I am undone".
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He exclaimed that he was undone.
He lamented that he was undone.
38.His father told him, "Do not quarrel with your brothers".
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His father asked him (ordered him) not to quarrel with his brothers.
39.His father asked him, "Have you read this book?
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His father asked him if he had read that book.
40.He said, "Why don't you hit him back"?
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He asked him why he didn't hit him back.
41.He said to me, "Are you coming today?"
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He asked me if I would be coming that day.
42.He said, "I have never been to Agra".
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He said that he had never been to Agra.
43.Mark Antony said, " Romans, and countrymen, I have come to bury Caesar and not to praise him".
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Mark Antony, addressing the Romans, his countrymen said, that he came (or had come) to bury Caesar and not praise him.
Mark Antony said to the Romans, his countrymen that he came (had come) to bury Caesar and not to praise him.
44.He told me, "I shall come soon".
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He told me that he would come soon.
45.He said, "I cut my finger".
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He said that he had cut his finger.
46.I said , "I cut my finger".
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I said that I had cut his my finger.
47.I said to the foreigner, "Hindus burn their dead".
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I said to the foreigner that Hindus burn their dead.
48.He said, "Leela will not agree to this".
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He said that Leela would not agree to that.
49.She said, " Sita was combing her hair".
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She said that Sita was combing her hair.
50.He said to me, "I shall give you a new pen".
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He said to me that he would give me a pen.
51.He said, " I killed a snake with a stick".
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He said that he had killed a snake with a stick.
52.She said, "I am taking lessons in music".
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She said that she was taking lessons in music.
53.Change the following sentences into indirect speech.
He said to me, "I spend my evening in the library".
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He said to me that he spent his evenings in the library.
54.If you ...... able to solve the problem by tomorrow, you ....... generously by the chief.
1) are ...... will be rewarded
2) would be able..... reward
3) will be able..... reward
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1) are ...... will be rewarded
55.I ........ at my present job, since the day a son ......to my sister.
1) have been working...... was born
2) would be able........ compelled
3) have worked....... was born
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1) have been working...... was born
56.In 1954, after she ......... at the hospital for two years, she ........ to give up the job.
1) working........ was compelled
2) worked........ compelled
3) had worked...... was compelled
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3) had worked...... was compelled
57.As he ....... the papers, he found that one paper...... from the room.
1) examined....... had disappeared
2) was examining........ disappeared
3) examine...... disappear
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1) examined....... had disappeared
58.He ........ when I ........ my last letter to you.
1) did not arrive....... finished
2) has not arrived...... had finished
3) had not arrived....... finished
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3) had not arrived....... finished
59.Only the ........ have already made up their minds and are unwilling to listen to .......
1) unfortunate....... luck
3) foolish....... nonsense
4) incompetent...... friendship
5) reactionaries....... friendship
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2) prejudiced........ reason
60.Once they had overcome their ....... nervousness, all the team members played with a confidence derived from ......
1) initial....... mature
2) obvious....... definite
3) opening....... pleasant
4) earlier...... useless
5) first........ confident
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1) initial....... mature
61.The ....... of party politics with municipal
administration is generally to be .......
1) presence...... welcomed
2) mixing........ regretted
3) mischief...... found
4) use........ absent
5) arrival........ noted
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2) mixing........ regretted
62.No industrial firm today can progress, if it is ...... in managers of the necessary ......
1) short..... ability
2) deficient..... calibre
3) lacking...... income
4) left..... skill
5) weak..... work
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2) deficient..... calibre
63.Given below are eleven sentence with two words missing in each. Five pairs of words for completing each sentence are given. They are shown by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Select the pairs of words which best fits in with the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
Teeth are allowed to decay and are lost through sheer ........ or ignorance of the proper......
1) neglect...... precautions
2) irresponsibility...... authorities
3) stupidity........ laws
4) carelessness...... time
5) laziness....... material
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1) neglect...... precautions
64."Whose book is this?". "It is ........." (our, ours)
65.There is enough here for you and ...... (he, him)
66.With ..... are you travelling? (who, whom)
67.Nobody but you and ...... saw him go. (she, her)
68.Select the correct form of the pronoun in the following sentences from the alternatives given.
It is for ...... young people to be architects of the future. (we,us)
69.If you (buy) a car today, it (cost) you a lot of money.
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buy, would cost
70.I (ring) the bell once more but as he (answer) yet, the I think he must (go) out. I would not have bothered to come all this way if I (know).
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rang, has not answered, have gone, had known
71.When you see him again you (be struck) by the way his health (improve) since he (go) to Switzerland.
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will be struck, has improved , had gone
72.Come in now. I am sorry (keep) you waiting.
73.It (look) as if this light (burn) all night, I must (forget) (switch) it off before !(go) to bed last night.
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looks, has been burning, have forgotten to switch, went
74.Write out the following sentences using the most appropriate tense or form of the verbs in brackets. The words in brackets should be put in their correct position in relation to the verb:
"I don't think we (meet) before". "Well I (see) you once at a party, but we not (be) introduced then".
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have met, saw, were
75.Mr. Sharma's youngest son is going ....... for engineering.
76.Who will give ........ the prizes?
77.The besieged soldiers ran ........ of rations.
78.We still need two men to make ....... the team.
79.Have you thought ....... the matter?
80."I am looking ...... an English dictionary which is not very expensive," said the customer.
81.This table is too big. It takes ....... all
the space.
82.Please go ahead ........ the exercise from where you left.
83.Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate adverbial articles such as -on, at, with down etc., if necessary.
The police detective shot ....... the criminal, but he escaped.
84.The bus delayed for ten minutes (Hold).
85.The insects harmed the crops.
The insects were very ....... to the crops.
86.He knew chemistry very well.
He had a good ....... of chemistry.
87.He measured the room.
He took the ....... of the room.
88.He had a great desire to own a new car.
He greatly .......... to own a new car.
89.Fill in the blanks with the right word in each case.The right word should be connected with the word in italics in the first sentence of each pair. Write the correct word.
The director decided that John should go.
It was the...... of the director that John should go.
90.You must find the meaning of the word in your dictionary (Look)
91.His speech was received very well (GO)
92.He looks like his father (Take)
93.I was not deceived by the lies he told me (Take)
94.The rebellion was suppressed very quickly (Put)
95.The wedding has been postponed for a month (Put)
96.As soon as he entered the hall he went straight to the dining table (Make)
97.I can hardly understand what he means (Make)
98.I expected him to resist, but he yielded at once (Give)
99.Each of the following sentence has a word or words in italics. Replace them by the verb indicated against each sentence without changing the meaning.
She betrayed the secret to her friend (Give)
100.'SUB JUDICE' means
1) under the consideration of the government
2) under judicial consideration
3) empty
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2) under judicial consideration
101.'BILLET DOUX' means
1) love letter
2) anonymous letter
3) threatening letter
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1) love letter
1) divide and rule
2) king and queen
3) government
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1) divide and rule
103.CUL DE SAC means
1) thorough fare
2) open space
3) a blind alley
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3) a blind alley
104.Two Russian diplomats were declared PERSONA
1) unscrupulous
2) spy
3) undesirable person
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3) undesirable person
105.we have to examine the PROS AND CONS of the scheme.
1) financial assistance
2) public support
3) advantages and disadvantages
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3) advantages and disadvantages
106.Many novelists write stories using a NOM DE
1) an assumed name
2) own name
3) plural names
4) own name
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1) an assumed name
107.As the defendant did not appear in the Court, the case was decided EXPARTE.
1) wantonly
2) in absence
3) one sided
108.The meeting was held IN CAMERA
1) in secret
2) openly
3) in a small room
109.The Prime Minister left for Bombay EN ROUTE
to London.
1) on the way
2) to the way
3) settle
110.Only BONAFIDE candidate are allowed.
1) matured
2) genuine
3) meritorious
111.The military junta staged a COUP DE ETAT in
1) creation of internal war
2) external aggression
3) sudden overthrow of government by violent means
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3) sudden overthrow of government by violent means
112.The king follows a policy of LAISSEZ FAIRE
1) non-interference
2) full control
3) severe punishment
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1) non-interference
113.The sitting of the Lok Sabha has been postponed SINE DIE
1) to a specified date
2) without definite date
3) closed
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2) without definite date
114.The Prime Minister is PRIMUS INTERPARUS of all ministers.
1) boss
2) top man with special power
3) first among equals
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3) first among equals
115.He made a MAIDEN speech.
1) for the first time
2) without preparation
3) fiery
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1) for the first time
116.He made an EX-TEMPORE speech
1) for the first time
2) without preparation
3) fiery
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2) without preparation
117.The Vice-President is the EX-OFFICIO chairman
of the Rajya Sabha.
1) for the present
2) previously
3) by virtur of one's office
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3) by virtur of one's office
118.The Janatha Party has been volted EN MASSE
1) by all the people
2) by a few
3) singularly
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1) by all the people
119.An AD INTERIM stay has been given by the High Court.
1) unusual
2) usual
3) in the meantime
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3) in the meantime
120.The AGENDA was prepared by the secretary.
1) things to be done
2) structure
3) manifesto
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1) things to be done
121.Mark a,b,c, or as to give the correct meanings of the foreign words given in italics:
An AD HOC committee has been formed.
1) permanent
2) for a special purpose
3) useless
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2) for a special purpose
122.1) thinking
2) skill
3) lifestyle
4) manner
5) behaviour
123.1) create
2) affect
3) influence
4) tolerate
5) increase
124.1) beliefs
2) understanding
3) projects
4) infrastructure
5) odds
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2) understanding
125.1) group
2) thought
3) way
4) organisation
5) activity
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4) organisation
126.1) amend
2) control
3) prepare
4) watch
5) help
127.1) work
2) thread
3) agenda
4) practice
5) goal
128.1) people
2) organisations
3) firms
4) factories
5) players
129.1) differnt
2) various
3) common
4) tough
5) hard
130.1) going
2) thinking
3) realising
4) uniting
5) marching
131.1) some
2) few
3) many
5) all
Direction (Q 1-10) : In the passage below,there are blanks each of which has been numbered.Below the passage these numbers are printed and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits in the blanks appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find out the appropriate words.
An organisation...1...to...2...or more persons ...3... together to achieve a set of ...4...goals. When ...5...work together to realise a common ...6...they need certain rules and regulations to...7...their activities. Besides this formal ...8...these human being develop certain ...9..., they share certain common belief which...10... their ...11...
1) consists
2) goes
3) refers
4) helps
5) generates
133.I have not had a m.......... of food since I left the house. (tiny piece, generally of food)
134.High grades are certainly a boost to student's mo........ (discipline and spirit).
135.Make an in....... (deep and through) study of the subject.
136.He is ob.......... (constantly occupied) with the fear of unemployment.
137.The scarcity of food was caused by the d........ (with little or no rain).
138.I have a pr....... against modern music.
(opinion formed before adequate understanding or experience).
139.We are trying to build an eg.......... society. (based on the principle, of equality)
140.In a calamity weak-willed people seek s......
in liquor. (comfort or relief)
141.In this small village he found few person co.......... to him (having a similar nature or common interests)
142.The book is uneven in quality because it was written p........... ( part at time)
143.The selector chose the team in a h...........
144.D......... is a common feature in modern politics.(falling away from loyalty to party)
145.Indian children are taught to treat their elders with d.......... (respect)
146.The selector chose the team in a h..... fashion.(careless,unmethodical).
147.Only a d...... leader can lead the nation out of a crisis. (energetic and forceful)
148.A........ is easier preached than practised
(severe simplicity)
149.It is a highly r........ novel.(interesting to go through)
150.The p...... is so clear that it needs no explanation.(statement)
151.Toynbee is an e........ historian.(distinguished)
152.Do you always act up to your co.........?
(something right and just)
153.We must exploit the natural re..........(raw
materials) of our country.
154.We decided to ad...... (stick fast) to the
155.They had to sail under ad....... (unfavourable) weather conditions.
156.The level of I...... ( ability to read and write) in India is low.
157.The ab....... (horrible and disgusting) snowman is not a fictional monster of the mountaineer's imagination.
158.Deepika felt de...... ( low in spirits) when he saw the sufferings of the poor.
159.The police were al....... (called to a state of readiness).
160.I found his argument per.....(convincing).
161.Sant Singh m......(went to another country to live) to Canada when he was a boy.
162.Madhavan re.....(against his will) agreed to my proposal.
163.They say there may be a de.......(lowering the value) of the dollar soon.
164.There is no con....... (absence of agreement)
between her statement and mine.
165.I can detect several fl....... (weaknesses) in your reasoning
166.Gandhiji played a de..... (having a definite result) role in India's liberation.
167.Air, food and water are in......( absolutely
essential) to life.
168.Most people are repelled by his ob......(stubbornness)
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obstinacy or obdurancy
169.Fill in the gaps in the following sentences
with the missing words. The first letter/
letters and the meaning of each word is given to help you supply the required words.
Why are you always so ar.......(fond of arguing)
170.One who looks up the world as his .......
171.One who loves mankind.......
Click Here for Answer
172.Not bearing upon the matter in hand ........
173.Murder of one man by another .........
174.Murder of brother .......
175.Murder of mother ......
176.Murder of father .........
177.Incapable of being read ........
178.Incapable of being heard .........
179.A decision upon which one cannot go back.....
180.A person who walks while sleeping.........
181.A speech delivered on the spur of the moment......
182.A round-about way of expressing oneself......
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183.Words having the opposite meanings.......
184.A office without work but with high salary .......
185.An animal living in another's abode .......
186.A speech made for the first time ........
187.A child born after the death of father.......
188.A man who has not committed offence .......
189.A loss that cannot be repaired.......
190.One who studies plants .......
191.One who studies language ......
192.One who studies social conditions ........
193.One who studies insects .......
194.Handwriting .........
195.Mentally diseased .........
196.Mentally unbalanced .........
197.Dealer in optical goods
198.Record of heartbeats .....
199.Science of the women .....
200.Science of diseases of the eye ........
201.Principles of teaching ..........
202.Inflamation of the bones
203.One who hates his fellow mortals
204.One who believes in his self-accomplishments ...........
205.One who talks about his accomplishments .....
206.One who hates marriage ........
207.Substitute one word for the following:
One who leads an austere life..........
208.1) insistent 2) insistant
209.1) embarasment 2) embarrassment
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2) embarrassment
210.1) description 2) discription
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1) description
211.1) suddeness 2) suddenness
212.1) descriminate 2) discriminate
Click Here for Answer
2) discriminate
213.1)pronounciation 2) pronunciation
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2) pronunciation
214.1) dissipate 2) disippate
215.1) parallel 2) parallell
216.1) predictible 2) predictable
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2) predictable
217.1) assistant 2) asisstant
218.1) priviledge 2) privilege
219.1) argument 2) arguement
220.1) definitely 2) defianatoly
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1) definitely
221.1) truely 2) truly
222.1) inoculate 2) innoculate
223.1) occurence 2) occurrence
224.1) supprise 2) surprise
225.1) baloon 2) balloon
226.1) incidently 2) incidentally
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2) incidentally
227.Tick (1) or (2) Whichever you think is the correct form
1) grammer 2) grammar
228.1) pronunciation
2) noticable
3) desirable
4) holiday
5) anoint
229.1) superintendent
2) persistent
3) resistant
4) insistent
5) preseverence
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5) preseverence
230.1) precede
2) exceed
3) accede
4) precede
5) concede
231.1) accessible
2) permissible
3) inimitable
4) irresistable
5) irritable
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4) irresistable
232.1) grammar
2) drunkeness
3) parallel
4) sacrilegious
5) conscience
233.1) pursue
2) pastime
3) kidnapped
4) rhythmical
5) exhillarate
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5) exhillarate
234.1) analyze
2) argument
3) assistant
4) comparative
5) truly
235.1) wierd
2) seize
3) achieve
4) receive
5) leisure
236.Tick only the misspelled word or words in each group
1) surprise
2) disappear
3) innoculate
4) description
5) recommend
1) transient
2) evanescent
3) narrow
4) experienced
5) permanent
1) parsimonious
2) lavish
3) entailing little expense
4) stingy
5) glorious
1) obstinate
2) refractory
3) backward
4) docile
5) unmanageable
1) redolent
2) aromatic
3) indecisive
4) helpless
5) malodorous
1) righteous
2) poisonous
3) temperate
4) captious
5) quarrelsome
1) claim
2) sacrifice
3) desist from
4) inhibit
5) lighten
1) upset
2) disconcert
3) arrange
4) disobey
5) acclaim
1) unable
2) obdurate
3) rational
4) easy
5) likeable
1) nefarious
2) atrocious
3) shamefully wicked
4) honest
5) lifeless
1) precious
2) disloyalty
3) conjugal faithfulness
4) watchfulness
5) unmistaken
1) fabrication
2) fantasy
3) conducive
4) something feigned
5) fact
1) exalted
2) elevated
3) ignoble
4) noble
5) scant
1) retirement
2) concealment
3) tease
4) conducive
5) exposure
1) malicious
2) commendation
3) aspersion
4) sleepy
5) scholarly
Click Here for Answer
2) commendation
1) indication
2) importance
3) vital
4) boldness
5) triviality
1) sly
2) surreptitious
3) substantial
4) dull
5) discriminating
Click Here for Answer
3) substantial
1) genuine
2) simulated
3) paucity
4) bankrupt
5) fake
1) relentless
2) intense
3) lenient
4) unadorned
5) austere
1) ribald
2) decent
3) grossly abusive
4) mitigated
5) inaccurate
1) berate
2) vituperate
3) loyal
4) pacific
5) praise
1) remove
2) outfit
3) burn
4) lose
5) confuse
1) happy
2) quaint
3) kind-hearted
4) vacant
5) fortunate
Click Here for Answer
3) kind-hearted
1) merciful
2) majestic
3) mighty
4) brutal
5) rustic
1) sound
2) feeble
3) inadequate
4) militant
5) volatile
1) mystery
2) conundrum
3) lowly
4) clue
5) mercy
1) blame
2) forgiveness
3) abatement
4) assessment
5) repetition
1) desist
2) withhold
3) continue
4) induce
5) overflowing
1) indifferent
2) careful
3) careless
4) imprudent
5) lonely
1) sagacious
2) reasonable
3) insufficient
4) wandering
5) insane
1) thorough
2) uncompromising
3) basic
4) superficial
5) ingrained
Click Here for Answer
4) superficial
1) dim
2) splendid
3) beaming
4) industrial
5) restive

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