1. Marketing is not required for_____
  Export Business
Corporate loans
Creditcard Business
Import Business
2. ATM Means
  Any Time Marketing
Any Time Machine
Automated Teller Machine
Automatic Time Machine
3. Who said in the context of Rural marketing "If Rural people start buying merely 10% industrial foods, then this industry will get five crore new customers" ?
  Sh. JRD Tata
Mukesh Ambani
Bill Gates
Anil Ambani
4. CRM Means____
  Customer Retention Manager
Customer Relashionship Management
Channel Route Market
Customers Relatives Meet
5. HNI in marketing means
  High number influence
High Negative Individual
Highly inspired national
High Networth Indiidual
6. competition helps to ___
  nutral effect
diminish sales
boost sales
None of these
7. Market share means______
  Market price of shares
of business among peers
share market
8. The sequence of a sales process is ____
  sale,call,lead and presentation
presentation,lead,sale and call
a call,a lead,presentation and sale
a lead,a call,presentation and sale
9. Market size means_____
  size of marketing staff
Scope of Marketing
size of the organisation
Scope of profits
10. One way of Market Monitoring is_____
  Monitor Profits
Monitor media outlets
Monitor SENSEX
Monitor performance of salespersons

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