1. Service Marketing is the same as
  Transaction Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Internal Marketing
None of these
2. A brand of company which is used by manufacturer as well as distributor is called __
  Distributor Brand
Single Brand
Common Brand
Mixed Brand
3. What was the time period of the first stage of development of Marketing Management ?
  1900 to 1910
1900 to 1930
1900 to 1940
1900 to 1950
4. A prospect means
  an employee of the band
a customer who is likely to be interested in bank's product or service
any customer who walks into the bank
a depositor of the bank
5. A presentation means____
  explaining the utility of products
display of products
display of communication skills
None of these
6. a lead means____
  a company intending to sell its products
a buyer
a seller
a prospective buyer
7. A call means
  calling on friends
calling on bank employees
to make telephone calls
calling on prospective customers
8. Innovation means
implementing new ideas or new methods
additional prequisites
9. Middlemen are nothing but social parasites and the sooner they are eliminated the better for society". This statement is related with: ?
  Disadvantage caused to consumers due to middlemen
Advantage caused to consumers due to middlemen
Disadvantage caused to middleman due to consumers
Advantage caused to middleman due to consumers
10. The target group for Agricultural Loans is____
  any farmer
farm labourers
any individual dealing in agricultural or related activity
farmers societies

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