1. a lead means____
  a company intending to sell its products
a buyer
a seller
a prospective buyer
2. HNI in marketing means
  High number influence
High Negative Individual
Highly inspired national
High Networth Indiidual
3. Service Marketing is the same as
  Transaction Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Internal Marketing
None of these
4. A market plan is
  business goals
same as memorandum of association
a document for marketing strategies
company's prospectus
5. Cross selling covers
  matching the products to customer needs
Identifying customer needs
Convincing the customers of product benefits
responding to questions and objections of customers
6. Relationshipmarketing is useful for____
  cross selling of products
trade between rlatives
trade between sister concerns
preparing a list of relatives
7. A call centre is ____
  Place wheresalesman meet everyday
Training centre
Customers meeting place
A back office set up where customer queries are answered
8. Customisation means
  customers personal account
customers selling goods
better relations
special products for each customer
9. A true marketing requires
  Command and order mindset
Active mindset
passive mindset
control mindset
10. competition helps to ___
  nutral effect
diminish sales
boost sales
None of these

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