1. A Brand which is owned by a distributor and registered in his name is called:
  Manufacturer Brand
Distributors Brand
Common Brand
Mixed Brand
2. Bank assurance means____
  Bank promising to pay interest
Assurance to repay loans
Banks selling insurance products
Banks promising to give loans
3. Cross selling covers
  matching the products to customer needs
Identifying customer needs
Convincing the customers of product benefits
responding to questions and objections of customers
4. Service Marketing is the same as
  Transaction Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Internal Marketing
None of these
5. A call means
  calling on friends
calling on bank employees
to make telephone calls
calling on prospective customers
6. DSA Means____
  Directly Selling Agent
Directly Selling Authority
Direct Selling Authority
Direct Selling Agent
7. Market share means______
  Market price of shares
of business among peers
share market
8. "Product is a cluster of psychological satisfaction" was said by ?
  Ratan Tata
George Fisk
Mukesh Ambani
Bill Gates
9. Time period of the second stage of Marketing management development was __ ?
  1940 to 1950
1930 to 1940
1930 to 1950
1920 to 1950
10. Internal Marketing Means_______
  selling to foreign markets
selling of samples
selling to the employees
selling to oneself

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