1. The period of third stage of development of Marketing Management was __
  1956 to till now
1950 to till now
1954 to till now
1955 to till now
2. Which year is being treated as the beginning year of Marketing Management development ?
3. One way of Market Monitoring is_____
  Monitor Profits
Monitor media outlets
Monitor SENSEX
Monitor performance of salespersons
4. value added service menas
  giving full value for money
additional service
costlier service
better value for better price
5. "Product is a cluster of psychological satisfaction" was said by ?
  Ratan Tata
George Fisk
Mukesh Ambani
Bill Gates
6. Innovation means
implementing new ideas or new methods
additional prequisites
7. POS in marketing means
  Point of Superiority
Point of sales
Preparation for sales
Position of Sales
8. The Traditional Marketing style involves
  Direct Marketing
Indirect Marketing
Digital Marketing
9. Relationshipmarketing is useful for____
  cross selling of products
trade between rlatives
trade between sister concerns
preparing a list of relatives
10. Marketing is not required for_____
  Export Business
Corporate loans
Creditcard Business
Import Business

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