1. a lead means____
  a company intending to sell its products
a buyer
a seller
a prospective buyer
2. In the context of globalization, BPO means ?
  Business Process Outsourcing
Basic Process Outcome
Basic Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outcome
3. Customer retention means
  retaining the customers at the bank for the full day
quick disposal
better standards
customers dealing with the same bank for a long time
4. A Brand which is owned by a distributor and registered in his name is called:
  Manufacturer Brand
Distributors Brand
Common Brand
Mixed Brand
5. Digital Marketing is____
  way of direct marketing
way of indirect marketing
a strategy of the DSA's
None of these
6. A market plan is
  business goals
same as memorandum of association
a document for marketing strategies
company's prospectus
7. value added service menas
  giving full value for money
additional service
costlier service
better value for better price
8. Market Research is needed for_____
  Choosing right sales persons
Making proper marketing decisions
Choosing the right products
Deciding the sales incentives
9. Bank Insurance means_____
  Assurance to bank with one bank
Assurance to repay loans
Assurance to give good service
Selling insurance products through banks
10. competition helps to ___
  nutral effect
diminish sales
boost sales
None of these

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